Service plan: goals and objectives

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Post a discussion in which you begin working on elements of the service plan for the service user you selected. In your discussion complete the following:

  • Write 2 long-term goals and then 2–3 short-term objectives for each goal for the service user using the SMART format.
  • Explain why you think these would be the most important goals, based on the case information from Week 1 and the video clip from this week.
  • Explain how you would consider what the service user wants. What would you do if the service user had a different perspective on their goals than you? How would you ensure that individuality, independence, choice, and dignity are respected in your service planning?

The following is a resource you will need for this assignment:


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Program Transcript

FEMALE SPEAKER: I went to work, and my boss brought me into her office and told
me she had to let me go. She said she couldn’t have Malcolm coming in whenever he
wanted and making a scene. I don’t blame her, but I worked my ass off to get that
position. And now I have nothing.

Of course, Malcolm blames me for getting fired saying they must have found out about
the affair. Stupid. More fuel for him to use when he goes into a rage. I don’t see a way
out of this. Even if I wanted to, I can’t leave him now that I’m not working and making
money. Where would I go? How would I survive? I feel like just giving up.

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