Should Animals be Used for Research Paper

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You will assess the existing research on the topic, critique different perspectives on the issue using existing research, and provide an informed conclusion based on knowledge of the topic and psychology

Choose ONE of the topics from this list with sufficient research done on it (You will have to find a lot of primary sources on the topic you choose and write 6-8 pages on it so choose based on that):

Does ESP Exist?

Is the Mozart Effect Real?

What is the Impact of Televised Violence on Children?

Is Spanking a Child Effective?

Does Research Support Different Learning Styles?

Is Hypnosis an Effective Therapy?

Do Multiple Intelligences Exist?

Does Dissociative Identity Disorder Exist?

Is Homosexuality Biologically Determined?

Should Marijuana be Legalised?

Does Abortion have Severe Psychological Effects?

Should Animals Be Used in Research?

Is the Use of Social Media Harmful?

Does Porn Cause Men to be Violent?

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