Shrm plan

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Make an appropriate document according to instruction given in the file.


1. Choose ONE Canadian company from a particular industry

Select any ONE Canadian company from a particular industry or sub sector. It can be of any size but it’s easier to find information on bigger companies and ones that are a plc. It must be a Canadian company or be operating in Canada.

To get started on looking for a suitable company refer to the Directories of Canadian companies:

or best place to work in Canada list.

Do some initial scanning on industry and companies before your finally decide. Finding relevant information is always a challenge but view it like you are an investigative journalist working for a financial newspaper like the Financial Times! You job is hunting for current and relevant information for your business readers!

2. Research Your Chosen Industry and the Canadian Company from that industry

Finding relevant information about the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Planning systems and practices of your industry and company can be challenging and requires you to utilize the skills of an investigative business journalist. It critical to understand the industry first and then the organization. It’s like you cannot under a family member unless you understand the family unit. Read generally on the topic first starting with your core textbook and then funnel your research into the specifics and micro-aspects of the topic(s).

Finding Relevant Information:

– There is a significant number of resources to draw from and should include the following: Note: Google should not be your first port of call.

-College Library – on shelf and academic online resources should be your first post of call.

– Industry trade magazines and professional body publications

– Company website and HR and career portals

– Best Place to Work – Canada, website, and league tables.

– Please explore all the usual sources such as Google Scholar,

– – See Core Textbook and Other Texts books on SHRM Planning and Human Resources Management.

– On Line and On Shelf Journals, preferably peer reviewed.

– Online Databases and Portals which contains many relevant SHRM PLANNING peer reviewed journals.

– Set up a “Google Alert” or a “Journal Article Alert” Updates” to get information on a particular topic be mailed to you on a regular basis.

– Secondary References: chase up relevant references listed in the Footnotes & Bibliographies of Journal Articles and at the back of Textbooks.

– Also consider YouTube and Social Media searches.

– Tip: Scan for information first before you decide on your sector and company. The key to doing well in this assignment is finding good relevant and detailed information and make sure it’s a plan and forecast.

3. Write up the Assignment using the Suggested Format.

Writing Up the Assignment: The 2 Ss: Style and Substance are both important.

Substance and Body of Assignment:

This is not rigid and is only a suggested layout, but the assignment should ideally include some of the following:

> Table of Contents

>Executive Summary. Key takeaways and added value.

An Executive Summary is not a table of contents or chronology of what you did. It should contain the critical contextual factors and takeaway findings/suggestions that you want the reader to know, if they did not have time to read your full report. (

> Introduction (a short introduction about the aim and purpose of the assignment and what you hope to achieve. Signpost what you are going to do in the assignment and so lead and guide the reader.

>The Nature, Context and Important of SHRM Planning including The SHRM Planning Cycle

This will include: (this should be relatively short and not too theoretical)

– Briefly describing the HR Planning Process. Visual and diagrams are helpful.

– The rationale and importance of HR Planning

> The Chosen Industry and the One Canadian Company from That Industry

This will include looking at:

– The industry in general in terms of characteristics and competitions and industry mapping. Who is leader and have biggest market share etc.?

– PESTLE Analysis factors confronting the industry and in turn the 2 organizations.

– What gives each company competitive advantage if any etc.?

– Profile of each company and how they fit into the industry in terms of market share and profitability etc.

> The Actual SHRM Plan of the One Chosen Company

This will include looking at:

– Their business model and their overall business strategy, goals and mission and how SHRM is aligned to them.

– Their resources especially if any unique resources which gives them competitive advantage. Use the VRIO framework:

– Determining their HR Demand,

– Determining their HR Supply

– Determining if there is a Gap.

– Outlining an Action and Succession Plan so that you have the right people, with the right skills and right attitude in the right place at the right time and at the right cost in 3 years’ time.

– See the Diagrams in Appendix A and B.

> Action and Discussion and Reflections

(So what?) (Close the loop back to the literature)

This is the most critical part of the assignment, to which you should give a significant word count to as it separates the good from the great!

This will include looking at:

– How will the plan be implemented?

– Will the plan work?

– What are the possible challenges in implementing the plan?

– Do you have a contingency plan to offset any potential obstacles?

– How does the company compare with other companies in the industry? Is first in class or a follower, is one particular company in the sector in a better position than the other to confront the staffing challenges of the future and why and what can we learn from them and imitate?

– Outline other possibilities such as Mergers and Acquisitions or Outsourcing etc. as a possible solution to solving the gap.

– How to they give the company competitive advantage? how do they contribute to organizational performance and success? how does the company compare with others in the sector? who is best in class?

– How does it link back to what the literature says about such core concepts in SHRM Planning as turnover rates etc.

– You need to ask yourself the difficult questions about the plan as your manager will also ask them and you need answers.

> Conclusion

Key takeaways

> References/Bibliography (at least 6 references)

> Appendices: Will contain the Certs and any other support documentation you wish to include such as complicated diagrams or tables or visuals, which my impeded the flow of reading if they were in the body of the document.

Style: Assignment Format and Checklist:

Word Count: The assignment should be approx. be 2,500 minimum and 3,000 maximum words with 10% flexibility on either end.

This excludes any footnotes, references, bibliography or appendices. The word count should be indicated on the pro-forma assignment cover page.


The assignment should be approx. be 2,500 minimum and 3,000 maximum words with 10% flexibility on either end.

This excludes any footnotes, references, bibliography or appendices. The word count should be indicated on the pro-forma assignment cover page.


The assignment should be presented in word processed format adhering to the following guidelines:

– Essay style or report style formal structure.

– Word only format, not PDF

– Table of Contents at front (how to automatically create a table of contents in Word – (7 min you tube clip)

– Consistent Style of APA Citation Referencing. See the APA Template on the Library section or watch this video on APA guidelines

– Clear paragraphing with headings and sub-headings.

– Use of plenty of white space, breaking up the text with visual aids, diagrams, graphs, etc. If too bulky, put in Appendix.

– Double line spacing

– Numbered paragraphs 1.2 1.3 2.1 2.2 etc. APA style

– Times New Roman 12

– Pages Numbered

– Minimum of 6 references

– Proof Read and Spell Checked

– Contain completed Cover Sheet and signed Academic Integrity Declaration Form (at the front of this document) which includes the Assignment Title, Student Number, Year, Course Part & Program and Word Count and which verifies that you have acknowledged all references, the work is yours and that you have not plagiarized.

Conclusion (shot conclusion that summarizes your main findings and takeaways from the assignment – 250 words approx.

References/Bibliography (at least 6 references)

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