SITHCCC001 Use food preparation equipment

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What will be assessed
The purpose of this assessment is to assess your knowledge required to complete the tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit: meaning and role of mise en place in the process of preparing, cooking and presenting food essential features and functions of, and safe operating practices and maintenance requirements for, the following equipment used in food preparation: commercial: blenders food processors graters mixers knife sharpening equipment sharpening steels and stones knives: butcher and boning chef filleting palette utility vegetable measures peelers, corers, and slicers scales thermometers whisks food safety practices for handling different food types cleaning practices and agents suitable to range of equipment in use precision cuts used in a commercial kitchen: brunoise chiffonnade concasse jardinière julienne macédoine mirepoix paysanne safe operational practices using essential functions and features of equipment used to prepare: dairy products dry goods fruit general food items: meat poultry seafood vegetables safe operational practices for maintenance and minor adjustments of equipment: adjusting blades oiling machines.
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You are required to address each question in this assessment. Once you have completed all questions, check all responses and calculations. Your trainer will be providing you with feedback.
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Assessment 1

Your task:

Answer the following questions. All questions must be addressed to demonstrate competence.

  1. Explain the meaning of the following terms in an effective kitchen operation:
Term Meaning in a kitchen operation
A) Mise-en-place
B) Workflow planning
  1. Match the following equipment with the tasks they would be used for:
Equipment Used to prepare
Blender Preparing a pizza dough
Food Processor Parmesan for a pasta dish
Grater Making breadcrumbs from stale bread
Mixer To puree a soup
  1. What is the purpose of the following pieces of equipment? How are they used?
Equipment Purpose Instruction for use
Sharpening steel
Sharpening stone
  1. Connect the correct cutting application with the relevant knife
Type of knife Cutting application
Chef’s knife (French knife) Trimming, turning and peeling
Filleting knife Turning and carving
Bread knife Larger cuts, slicing, dicing and chopping
Boning knife Trimming and boning
Paring or utility knife Large flat knife for spreading butter and other condiments
Turning knife Removing the meat and skin from fish
Butcher’s knife Serrated edge for slicing bread or tomatoes
Palette knife Long, slightly curved knife for slicing meat
  1. Provide an example of how each of the following equipment is used in a kitchen when preparing or cooking foods including adjustments where required:
Equipment Examples for use in a kitchen
Peelers, corers, and slicers
  1. List 5 general requirements for the legal, safe and hygienic use of equipment including provisions for reporting any issues:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  1. Describe the dimensions of the following cuts and provide a menu example that uses each cut
Cut Description Menu
  1. Give three (3) examples of how you could use vegetable trimmings economically:
Trimmings Use
  1. Indicate the correct order for the steps needed to clean a whole fresh fish, received fresh from the supplier: