SMUM Supporting Social and Emotional Development, as a Form of Behavior Guidance for Young Children Essay

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the paper should be related to behavior guidance for young

children. Choose a topic of your choice, related to behavior guidance for young children and

write a 3-page research paper on this topic (cover page and references page do not count

towards the 3 page minimum).

Begin the paper with an introduction (with a heading), which introduces the topic and why you

chose it. After the introduction, include the content of the paper, which will discuss the topic.

End with a conclusion (with a heading) to summarize what you learned. Your paper must also

have a cover page, with the paper title, your name, date, and name of the class. Include a

separate reference page at the end of the paper.

Assignment Criteria Possible




Research paper includes an introduction, which introduces the topic in a

logically organized way.


The content of the research paper presents the topic clearly and displays

evidence of information regarding the topic. The reader is able to gain insight

and knowledge about the topic. The content is clearly stated and

appropriately focused and includes consistent supporting details and/or

examples. Information is logically organized. All paragraphs include an

introductory sentence, explanations or details, and a concluding sentence

with a transition.


Research paper includes a conclusion, which summarizes the content of the

paper and what you learned in a logically organized way.


At least 4 appropriate sources were used in the paper and cited throughout

the paper (in-text citations). All sources must be documented properly on a

separate references page at the end of the paper (one of your sources

SHOULD be your textbook)


The research paper is proofread with appropriate sentence structure, no

grammar or spelling errors. Has a cover page, typed, 12 pt., double spaced,

1-inch margins, and has page numbers.


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