SNHU Factor Inputs Against Survival and Quality of Life Discussion

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Discussion 1

Hello class,

In order to reach an optimal goal in health as well as cost-effectiveness I would advocate (like many of my classmates) on the curve in Figure 1 for point C. I did contemplate choosing point B due to the cost savings however Point C is shown to exceed the value of improved health. Point B is productively efficient yet only in treatments at a reasonable cost, with reasonable being deemed by the outline of the company, not the individual. Point C provides information showing the lowest factor inputs and higher cost savings to achieve the goal of improved health with a higher survival rate which is why it is the point I would most advocate for between the choices provided. In the healthcare field, you do not want money wasted and Point C uses its resources best in the aspect of its production.

Point A would be difficult to argue as the best option if patients are looked at as having a value in their life and not just a product number a distributor is trying to increase profit on. Due to point A showing in the figure the lowest survival rate, a company solely looking at cost and not the benefit of the human would still not be ideal due to the wasted costs. Comparative effectiveness studies are to access data and better lead to cost savings financially. However, what good is the cost if the survival rate of its patients is minimal?

Discussion 2

The point on the curve I advocate is point C because is a balance between cost and production effectiveness. Is an overall best option in value. Points E and D are low cost but their productiveness is low as well. Point A and F fall off the curve which show that their effectiveness and production can’t meet the expectations. Then point B shows high production which is great and it can help a lot but the cost effectiveness is high meaning is more difficult to access because of cost. When we look on the healthcare field cost is a major issue, so point C is our best option if we want something that is effective for a reasonable cost. Even though point B can help a person survive longer if the cost is too high the patient wouldn’t be able to get the treatment.

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