Social Class Standing and Stratification in Films Discussion

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This paper will be about Social Classes and how American films represent them using the information found in this class and addressing the questions below. The paper should be 2 -3 pages, double space, 11-12 point font. Title pages, graphs, pictures and the “Films Mentioned” section will not count toward the length of the paper.

  1. Choose at least two American films that represents more than one class. One film should have been produced prior to 1960. One film should have been produced from 1980 to the present. They can be from any genre.
  2. Answer the following questions.
    1. What do you consider your own class standing to be and why?
    2. Do you see class representation in the movies you watched in ways that match accurately your own experience of class? Explain your answer.
    3. Do you see any stereotypes about class or certain members of a class in these movies?
  3. Create a “Films Mentioned” section at the end of your paper and use the “Style Guide” found in the Syllabus content.

Requirements: | .doc file | MLA | Other | 2-3 pages, Double spaced

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