Southern New Hampshire University Final Milestone Literature Review Paper

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For the capstone project, you will first develop a research concept paper that introduces your topic, research question, literature review, research methodology,  and ethical considerations. You will also submit a presentation that should be developed for your identified target audience, as well as a personal and  professional reflection. 

The final project is meant for you to propose a hypothetical study. You are not and should not be conducting human-subject research for this project. It is not  necessary for the purposes of this assignment. All human-subject research requires written approval from the SNHU COCE Institutional Review Board in order  to protect the welfare and ensure ethical treatment of the subjects. 

Capstone Component 1: Research Proposal For the first of three capstone components, you will develop a well-organized research concept paper that lays the foundation for a solid plan to implement  research. First, you must choose a relevant problem that aligns with your focus within the field of psychology and with how you plan to position yourself  professionally. You can choose a problem that has a gap in our understanding and then provide an explanation of psychological phenomena and variables. Or you  can choose an applied problem that directly involves the psychological well-being of individuals, communities, or organizations.

Capstone Component 2: Presentation  For this component, you will develop a presentation that articulates a convincing need for the proposal you have developed. The presentation should be  engaging and appealing to your target audience(s). You should envision yourself giving this presentation before your target audience(s). This could be, for  example, a boss, fellow scholars at a conference, or a grant provider. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the problem you have identified and the need to conduct research or implement and evaluate an  intervention. Remember that you are seeking support of the proposal, so knowing your audience and tailoring your message to them is crucial. Since you will not actually deliver this presentation in person, you must create a self-sustaining presentation. A narrated presentation is strongly suggested. The  presentation should adhere to the principles of an effective presentation, and all of your sources should be cited properly. There is no minimum or maximum  number of slides required. You should use your judgment to create a presentation of appropriate length that will convey all of the necessary information while  keeping the attention of your audience. 

Capstone Component 3: Professional Reflection For the final component of your capstone, you will write a three- to five-page paper in which you discuss the process and outcomes of this project, the  experience of giving and receiving feedback from peers, and how you incorporated feedback from your instructor. You will also touch briefly on how your  coursework culminated in the capstone project and what you can take from this project into your workplace. This may include discussions of unforeseen  problems or obstacles and any surprises. The paper should also discuss your identified strengths and problems that you encountered while completing the  project. Finally, the paper will examine how the capstone project will be useful in the job market or in furthering your education.

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