Spatial Data and Projection

ENMT 307 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Module 2 Discussion

Spatial Data and Projection

After reading the Week 2 GIS Articles under Module 2, please complete the required task and respond to one or more of the following questions. After making your initial response (primary post), come back in a day or so to respond to the postings of your classmates (secondary post).


1) Choose two or three map projections to present to the class (try to present some that no one has posted yet). List the properties of these projections and the distortions. Don’t forget to show a picture of the projections too! A good reference is or . A good list of map projections and visuals can be found here: .

2) Why is it important that all of the geospatial information stored in a GIS be geometrically rectified (registered) to one another in a project? Give an example to support your argument.

3) You have been asked to conduct a GIS project that maps the land cover of Western Europe/Antarctica/Africa (choose only one). Which map projection would you choose for this project and why? Provide pictures!

4) What is the difference between a map projection, coordinate system, and a datum? Choose one type of coordinate system to showcase and explain its purpose/application.