SSU Population Profiles Project

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Project Two

Before starting this project, you are required to read Project One. You must also read the assigned reading for the week titled “Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Response and Management” and all the lecture notes for this course. After reading the assigned document and doing your research, you should address the following:

Make a comprehensive comparison of THREE nations. In your comprehensive comparison, you should discuss


  • The population of each of the three countries that you select (Use information from project one)
    • The size of the population
    • Diversity
    • Religion
  • The location of the nations that you selected (Use information from project one)
    • Where they are located
    • What are the hazards common to this location (natural, health-related, and acts of terrorism)
      • Indicate the occurrence of any of the hazards.
    • How the intersections of these hazards make the citizens of each of these nations vulnerable
  • Thesis statement (this is the question that you are addressing in Project Two)
  • The sequence in which you will address the thesis statement. Make sure that you tie in the new information that you address.


  • The legislative and judiciary systems (Use information from project one)
    • The structure of these systems
    • The role that the systems play in developing and achieving the homeland security policies and strategies in these nations
  • Counter-terrorism laws
    • The laws and
    • The evolution of these laws (for example: if they had laws before the 9/11 event, why did they have these laws)
    • (do some personal research and cite all your sources)
  • Counter-terrorism strategy
    • The type of strategy (law enforcement or war-fighting or both)
    • Why are they adopting the strategy?
    • The type of policing strategy
    • (do some personal research and cite all your sources)
  • Emergency preparedness, Emergency response, and Management
    • What role does the military play (if any)?
    • What role do NGOs play (if any)?
    • How are hazard events managed? (for example; the British Gold, Silver, and bronze system)
    • What are the approaches toward public education for preparedness, and can such an approach be implemented in the United States?
    • (do some personal research and cite all your sources)


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