STU Skinner Position on EAB and Its Influence on the Field of ABA Essay

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This assignment assesses your progress in mastering the following course competencies:

Synthesize research and historical findings in experimental behavior analysis.

Evaluate the link between experimental analysis of behavior and its application.

  •  Evaluate research designs in experimental behavior analysis.
  • Apply ethical guidelines for experimental analysis to research design.
  • Communicate in a professional manner consistent with the field of behavior analysis.
  • Goal: In this assessment you use the professional literature to evaluate how Skinner’s position on EAB influences current practices in the field of ABA.
  • Instructions

Articulate Skinner’s position on EAB. Support your premise with direct references to Skinner’s theory.

Use the library to locate four seminal EAB research studies that engage your foundational premise.

For each study:

  1. Summarize the study and articulate its relationship to Skinner’s thinking.
  2. Analyze how relevant target behaviors were addressed through operant conditioning procedures.
  3. Hypothesize why the behaviors in the study function as they did and if they could function better with the use of alternate behavioral procedures.

Explain the proposed intervention in the study and how the possible parameters of reinforcement schedules were utilized.

  • Evaluate how or if the research study contributes to the establishment of better human behavior-shaping procedures.
  • Evaluate the study for adherence to ethical guidelines in the field.
  • Compare and contrast the four research studies, focusing on:
  • The application of Skinner’s theory.
  • The methodologies used. 
  • Contributions to the field of EAB and ABA.
  1. Issues your analysis raises for further professional study.

Organize your paper as follows:

  • Title page.
  • Introduction. 
  • Summary of individual research articles:
  • Relationship to Skinner’s theory.

Research design and methods.

Analysis and implications.

  • Comparison of the Research Studies:
  • Application of Skinner’s theory.
  • Research design and methods.

Implications for the fields of EAB and ABA.

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