Suppose There Are 2 Consumers, A And B.

Suppose there are 2 consumers, A and B. The utility functions of each consumer are given by:UA(X, Y) =X^1/2 Y^1/2 UA(X, Y) = 3X+ 2Y

The initial endowments are:W X/A= 10, W Y/A= 10, W X/B= 6, W Y/B= 6

a) Using graph the initial allocation (label it W) and draw the indifference curve for each consumer that runs through the initial allocation. Be sure to label your graph carefully and accurately.

b) (4 points) What is the marginal rate of substitution for consumer A at the initial allocation?

c) (4 points) What is the MRS for consumer B at the intial allocation?

d) (4 points) Is the initial allocation Pareto efficient? How do you know?