Please answerer The following questions based on the reference book
.”Brownson, et al. Chapter 3, “Understanding and Applying Analytic Tools,” Chapter 4, “Community Assessment” and Chapter 5, “Developing an Initial Statement of the Issue.”
1) Systematic Review. One aspect of the reading this week focused on systematic reviews. What is a systematic review and what are the six steps to conducting a systematic review?

2. Economic Evaluation. Identify the four types of economic evaluations outlined in your text. Which one is the most commonly used?

3.Problem/Initial statement. Why is the issue statement critical to the policy process? Have you had any experience writing one before? What is the toughest part of writing an issue statement? How has it been helpful? How have you used it?

4. Stakeholder Input. Why is stakeholder input essential for problem solving and developing policies and programs? Have you had any experiences (professional, community, or personal) in which you were a stakeholder and either left out or included? Was it a positive or negative experience? Have you observed policy failure as a result of lack of stakeholder input?
You don't need to provide a reference after any single question, only one reference after fourth question that includes all 4 questions.
I would also provide 2 posts on the attached file from my peers that needs to be responded separately:
Reference Book (Ch3,ch 4 and ch5) Brownson, Ross C, Elizabeth A. Baker, Terry L. Leet, and Kathleen N. Gillespie. (2011). Evidence-Based Public Health (New York: Oxford University Press).