technology challenges faced by most of the businesses

Case Study: Analyse an existing business problem from a well-known technology company. Identify the technology challenges faced by most of the businesses. And identify the problem and then develop/implement an appropriate solution using an intelligent system.

Imp Note:


This link will give you some basic idea to understand the common problems the industry are facing.

The rapid increase in data volumes in companies has meant that momentous and comprehensive information gathering is barely possible by manual means. Business intelligence solutions can help here. Identify the effects of using Business Intelligence Systems on an Excellence Management and Decision-Making Process by the Companies. Start-ups are also considerable.

Discuss the common business strategy the company follows to maintain the metrics and revenue as some of the substantial specific problems are creating new revenue streams, generating savings etc.,

Analyse and discuss “Though Artificial Intelligence is ready for business but are the businesses ready for AI”. How the AI will keep it promises to transform the industries and maintain the profits. How the stakeholders need to act to realize AI’s full potential. Think about education industry, health care system, IT industry, aviation etc., (Case Study for Retail is provided below for your reference).

Common criteria to be consider are as follows:

  • Transforming the data into business insights
  • Humans and AI are joining and their impacts
  • Impact of automation for a future that works
  • Critical analysis of Big Data challenges and their analytical methods

Implementation: The solution which you are going to find for the problems by your chosen industry needs to be implemented. You could provide the solution in terms of

  • Data Analysis (Python)
  • Data Visualisation (Tableau, Dashboard)

Data: Online freely available data or if required will be provided.

Report: The analysis of your case study with the contents mentioned in the subject outlines (Part A and Part B).

For more details please check Moodle (screenshot provided).