Technology Evaluation and Matrix Paper

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A new client of your security
consulting firm is worried about the potential for data leaks that could expose
it to financial losses as well as a damaged reputation. The client recently
read a front-page story about a negligence lawsuit arising out of a data leak
that exposed confidential client information. The source of the data leak was a
peer-to-peer file sharing application that had been installed on an employee’s
desktop computer. An initial quick-look security assessment found that your
client’s concerns were well founded. At least one department (Marketing) was
using a similar peer-to-peer file-sharing application to distribute promotional
videos and audio podcasts to potential customers. Your team leader has asked
you to prepare a short technology evaluation paper (deliverable) in which you
address the following problem areas identified below:

Software: Identify and provide an assessment of the risks associated
with unauthorized installation of file-sharing software on company computers,
including servers, desktops, and laptops (loss of system integrity).

Use the provided matrix chart
below to categorize and assess the risks associated with software. Then
research and evaluate three or more technology-based solutions that could
provide effective protection measures. Use one row per technology solution.

Your technology evaluation paper
must begin with an executive summary followed by your technology evaluation
matrix. The executive summary should provide an overview of your risk
assessment and evaluation. It should also provide additional information to
help the client understand your recommended solution. Your summary should be
concise—approximately three pages long—and include the following elements: explanation of the information security threats (risks) and
vulnerabilities (explained well for someone with a lack of IT experience)
associated Software

2.a comparison (compare/contrast) of the capabilities and
weaknesses of the candidate technology-based solutions

3.a recommendation of the best fit technology-based solution to
solve/mitigate the problem(s) associated with your selected option

Remember to present your findings
and cite your sources in APA format and use only authoritative/scholarly
sources such as journal articles, books, government documents, and other
industry publications (e.g., trade journals or magazines for health care or
security professionals). The title page and list of references are not included
in the required page count.

Matrix: Technology
Evaluation and Recommendation

Copy this worksheet into your own Word document and fill

What Is the Risk or Vulnerability?

What Needs to Be Protected? (e.g.,
passwords, data,
system registry)

Candidate Technology Solution

How the Technology Solution Works

Effectiveness (High, Medium, Low)

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