Ten Leaders report

Discipline: Business

Type of service: Research Paper

Spacing: Double spacing

Paper format: MLA

Number of pages: 5 pages

Number of sources: 11 sources

Paper details

Each leader needs atleast one cited source. So 10 leaders atleast 10 sources.

LDR 2010: Leadership Fundamentals

Assignment G. Ten Leaders Report 140 points

(120 points for the paper and 20 points for the post response)

This is the biggest single project of the class. Make sure you take your time and do it well.

Ten Leaders Paper: Select ten (10) individuals who you believe are or were great leaders.

These can be public individuals in all walks of life, such as political, business, civic, sports, medicine, the military, the arts or other leaders, past or present, known to the general public or historic figures of interest to you. For each public leader, please use at least one outside source and cite your sources.

At a minimum, please select 3 public/historic individuals


They can also be private individuals who you have encountered in your life, or who you have had the opportunity to observe in their leadership roles.

At a minimum, please select 3 private individuals

(For example, you can write about 3 public and 7 private individuals, 5 from each category, 7 public and 3 private individuals, or any other mix, with no less than 3 public and 3 private individuals.)

At a minimum, for each leader you have selected, you should:

Give some background information about the person.

Explain why you selected him or her as a leader.
Based on your concept of what makes them a leader, informed by the course & your life.

Comment on his or her leadership style or their approach to leadership
Based on some of the theories in the text

Comment on his or her significance to your life
What have you learned from this person or how have they touched your life?

For each public leader, please use at least one outside source and cite your sources.


This paper should be a minimum of 5 pages (There is no page limits on the length of the paper)

0 – 96 points – Meets the basic outline
97 – 108 points – Meets the basic outline & flows from idea to idea
109 – 120 points – Meets the basic outline, flows from idea to idea, shows personal reflection, and synthesis of your ideas.


Ten Leaders Post: Post the stories of two of the leaders you wrote about, one public and one private.

(You can cut and paste from your report. You get graded for your replies)

Then comment on 2 other student’s post (20 points – 10 points each commentary post)

Your comments need to be a minimum of 150 words

Your comments on other postings are due by Wednesday by 11:59 PM

You can comment anytime through Wednesday. This should give you time to read other posts.

The discussion will be graded together with the comments