Teratogen Discussion board

You’ve watched Video 5.1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdOnr4mR7bk&feature=youtu.be    and have learned more about what prenatal development is like. We are now going to focus on an important topic, teratogens (definition: an agent that induces developmental abnormalities in a fetus). While Video 5.1 discusses certain teratogens briefly, let’s see about some other substances and determine whether or not they are teratogens.

Before clicking on any of the discussion boards below, look at the substance and determine whether you think it is a teratogen or not. Then, find some resource about the substance (ex. on internet, in books) that can help you learn more about the substance and whether it is ok to use during pregnancy. Post your findings (along with reviewing the comments before yours) to the discussion board, making sure to include where you got your evidence (ex. link), and how you know this is a source that passes the CRAAP test

Grading: 8 points total (4 points for each discussion board posted)

  • Posts to 2 discussion boards (about 2 different teratogens / possible teratogens).
  • Includes evidence for whether the substance is a teratogen or not by using a source, and including a citation / link to source. (2 pts)