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Okay, you guessed it! More Miami Heat data! I know you might be getting a little tired of basketball data, and I understand, but stick with it! The reason I’m using the same dataset over and over again is so that you can see how we can use different types of statistical analyses to answer different types of questions. Remember our data for field goal percentage for each player? Let’s revisit those data again. We’re going to use what we know about z-scores to compare players on this team to each other!

data table
PLAYERS Field Goal Percentage
Bam Adebayo 55.7
Caleb Martin 50.7
Chris Silva 53.3
Dewayne Dedmon 56.6
Duncan Robinson 39.9
Gabe Vincent 41.7
Haywood Highsmith 34.8
Javonte Smart 47.1
Jimmy Butler 48
KZ Okpala 43.5
Kyle Guy 40
Kyle Lowry 44
Marcus Garrett 23.8
Markieff Morris 47.4
Max Strus 44.1
Mychal Mulder 40
Nik Stauskas 37.5
Omer Yurtseven 52.6
P.J. Tucker 48.4
Tyler Herro 44.7
Udonis Haslem 45.2
Victor Oladipo 47.9

Flag question: SpacerDo you remember the mean and standard deviation for field goal percentage for the Miami Heat (you calculated them for assignment 6)? Great! You’ll need it for this assignment so you’ll have to go back to previous assignments to get those values (or you can calculate them again if you did not save your answers).


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