TFM160 01 Unit 5 Citizen Kane as Film History Orson Welles Discussion

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Unit 05 My Movie Log #1 “Citizen Kane as Film History”

In this unit’s reading we’re exploring four basic approaches to studying film history:

  1. The Aesthetic Approach
  2. The Technological Approach
  3. The Economic Approach
  4. Film as Social History

And we’re also studying Citizen Kane (1941). For this journal you’re going to write four “mini-approaches” to Citizen Kane. The format for this My Movie Log entry will be in four short paragraphs (target 150 words each). One paragraph for each of the four approaches listed above, as explored in your reading.

For each paragraph:

  • Briefly describe the basic approach, using your own words.
  • Use a detail/fact/circumstance about Citizen Kane that illustrates/supports this specific approach. You can use what you’re learning in the textbook, the lectures, or the movie itself to provide this detail/fact/circumstance. For example, within the paragraph about the aesthetic approach, you’d state a detail about the aesthetics of Citizen Kane supporting that approach.

    (target 150 words per paragraph)

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