The Crime Scene Investigation Simulation

The Crime Scene Investigation Simulation

After reviewing the Powerpoint presentation located HERE(see attached file) the crime scene simulation begins with an online video presentation of a specific case, which concerns a female body found in a bathtub. Without releasing too much information, the interactive simulation provides all that an investigator needs to do to solve the case. Begin the simulation by clicking the link to the crime and investigation simulation. (You may need to use Internet Explorer to view the video)

The site is located at:

After completing the simulation, write 10 activities that an investigator must do to solve a case and list at least two actions for that activity that an investigator would need to do to file a complete report, understanding that anything missed at the crime scene may not be able to be used later which may affect the outcome of a case.

For example:

Activity – Protecting the Crime Scene

2 Possible Actions – (1) use of tape to mark off the crime scene and (2) use of law enforcement to secure the designated area

Also, what have you learned as a result of completing the crime scene simulation? What useful skills did you discover a crime scene investigator should possess to successfully solve a crime? How has this experience changed your perspective on the investigation function?