The Difference Between the rich and the Poor

Thesis statement- America’s healthcare inequality requires that the gap between the rich and poor must be
bridged because low-income households tend to have adults with lower education levels, more stress, and
negative health behaviors. (Use this thesis statement in the paper)
1. Attached are the 3 sources that must be used, Draft of my paper, instructor’s notes regarding the draft to
adhere to, and expand upon. (12-font, indented para., Double-spaced, APA format, at least 6 paragraphs 1100
2. Describe real-life instances of the above social issues in a personal or professional setting. Discuss your
perspective on the selected social issues, including reasons for your viewpoint.
3. Discuss how core values inform or influence your perspective on the selected social issues.
4. Introductory paragraph needs to clearly outline a real-life instance of the above social issues and give the
above thesis statement that indicates your perspective