The Indus Civilization the Most Impressive Ancient Civilizations Essay

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Select ONE of the civilizations discussed in this week’s text, lecture, and documentary and write a paper discussing the archaeological evidence about the state level society. Briefly discuss all of the following in the order indicated:

Must use one citation from here, read Chapter 11 only, :…

Must choose ONE from here: 

1) Its location and the time frame. How was this particular state system organized?

2) Discuss one archaeological feature that highlights and supports your argument about organization (this could be monumental architecture, such as a tomb; evidence of an effective agricultural production system; scale of trade; nature of city design; and so forth).

3) What causes have been identified for the elaboration of this state into an early civilization? Discuss at least two authors identified in your text who have written about this issue.

4) What significant problems emerged as challenges for the maintenance of the subsistence system, political borders, and the social order in this early civilization?

Reading :




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