The patient safety pamphlet must be (2-page tri-fold)

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* Create a  2-page tri-fold Pamphlet using any type of publisher software you choose to educate clients on a current patient safety issue.  

For example:

* How aging adults can care for themselves at home

* Medication–polypharmacy and how a patient cannot make a self-medication error,

* Or other appropriate safety issues like Fall prevention etc.

Your pamphlet must include the following items: 

1. At least 5 Tips for preventive care for the patient.

2. Family/Caregiver information that should be shared with family or caregivers.

3. Local Resources in the community that might be available for this type of safety concern.

4. Include at least 3 APA references that are within 5 years old and follow APA format.  

* Here are more specifics about what to include for each of these items:

For the 5 Tips:

Think about preventive care here and what information could be provided to the patient to prevent a safety issue. Perhaps a tip could be to add a shower bar for support. What about rugs or cords that might need to be removed? Think about your safety issue and what could be shared here. 

Family/Caregiver information: What information could the nurse share with the family or caregiver as part of the pamphlet to provide better support for the patient? What does the family or caregiver need to know? 

Local Resources:

**For the local resources, you want to provide resources from your local community. Include the contact information for at least 2 resources, including phone number, full address, and how the resource can benefit your patient. Please avoid online resources as some people may not have access to the Internet. Examples could be a senior center, a public health department, maybe a specific church that is offering a workshop to promote health and wellness, a local community store, etc. Please do not list 911 as a resource. Take some time to research your community and what resources could be available from your community to support your patient. You will need at least 2 local community resources and their contact information. 

Patient Safety Culture Pamphlet

Advanced Med Surg (West Coast University)

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Patient Safety Culture Pamphlet

Advanced Med Surg (West Coast University)

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Studocu is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university
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Older adults need to obtain vaccinations for
various conditions as part of their self- care
strategies. Aging adults can obtain better
health outcomes through receiving:

– Influenza vaccine.
– Pneumococcal vaccine (Ho et al.,


Screening is also one of the major
preventive strategies that older adults need
to embrace for better health. In retrospect,
aging adults should obtain colorectal cancer
screening, breast cancer screening,
cholesterol screening, osteoporosis
screening, and consistent high blood
pressure tests. Screening helps in identifying
any underlying complications, and facilitates
early detection and treatment which are
crucial for good healthcare outcomes.


Self- Care Approaches.


The Phone Company | (206) 555‐0100 |
[email protected]

Self- care strategies are important for aging
adults because they help them improve
energy, reduce stress, and live happily. Self-
care for senior citizens is imperative because
it reduces their predisposition to health
complications like cancer, cardiac event, and
stroke among other life- threatening diseases
(Boyd et al., 2019).

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Local Resources for
Aging Adults’ Care

Assisted living programs.

Life care communities.

Nursing homes (Skilled Nursing


– Staying hydrated (Cook et al., 2019).
– Reignite old passions, and hobbies, or

cultivate new ones.
– Socialize healthily with other people.
– Maintain healthy feeding habits.
– Adopt regular physical exercise

– Avoid smoking, and smoking.
– Get enough sleep.
– Cultivate a relaxing activity.
– Exercise gratitude.
– Focus on positivity about life.

There is a fountain of
youth: it is your
mind, your talents,
the creativity you
bring to your life and
the lives of people
you love. .

– Sophia Loren –


Downloaded by Sammy woods ([email protected])



Boyd, C., Smith, C. D., Masoudi, F. A.,
Blaum, C. S., Dodson, J. A., Green, A. R., …
& Tinetti, M. E. (2019). Decision making for
older adults with multiple chronic conditions:
executive summary for the American
Geriatrics Society guiding principles on the
care of older adults with
multimorbidity. Journal of the American
Geriatrics Society, 67(4), 665-673.

Cook, G., Hodgson, P., Hope, C., Thompson,
J., & Shaw, L. (2019). Hydration practices in
residential and nursing care homes for older
people. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 28(7-8),

Ho, H. J., Tan, Y. R., Cook, A. R., Koh, G.,
Tham, T. Y., Anwar, E., … & Chen, M. I.
(2019). Increasing influenza and
pneumococcal vaccination uptake in seniors
using point-of-care informational interventions
in primary care in Singapore: a pragmatic,
cluster-randomized crossover trial. American
journal of public health, 109(12), 1776 1783.

Downloaded by Sammy woods ([email protected])


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