The powerpoint template

The powerpoint template that must be used is in the attachements.


The assignned readings as as follows:


see attachment Six Great Ideas



Throughout the course, many of the assigned materials will reflect values. Some of our shared values contribute to better society and some of our values detract from the construction of a better society. In a free society, citizens often see a tug-of-war between the positive values that build us up and the negative values that tear us down. As free and sentient beings our choices, our actions, and our behaviors drive these values.

Thoughtful people usually suggest that American society can be improved. In this assignment, we want to identify some of the values we see in our lives and understand how these values are being leveraged into forming and affecting what American society looks like. Critical thinkers will embrace not only the positive values we see around us but also acknowledge the negative values that we often see in ourselves and in others.

Your assignment is to prepare a PowerPoint presentation. The audience of your presentation is a powerful (influential) body of elected officials. Provide a prescriptive solution to a social value that is negatively affecting society.

Using no more than 15 slides, and no more than 25 words per slide, your presentation needs to define the issue (the concerning value), demonstrate the concern, and then advocate a prescription. Since you are unknown to the audience, you first need to establish credibility by demonstrating your knowledge of both positive and negative social values.

Using the assigned course materials, construct a discussion of two American values. (This is where you want to anchor your presentation in the week’s assigned course materials). Use at least three assigned reading articles in your discussion of the two values being discussed.

Then find a topical current event that reflects a negative value. (Be certain to share your examples within the assignment: don’t assume the audience is aware of the event you are referencing). Analyze your event using the assigned course materials as the foundation.

Be certain to clearly define and describe the problem. Use facts (provide sources) to describe the implications of the negative value.

Then give a prescriptive solution as to how American society might appropriately address the negative value. In your assignment, you can include (appropriate) images, jpegs, memes, quotes, or other sources to exemplify your thoughts. Post your Power-Point on the Peer-to-Peer.

Clearly describe your proposed solution.

Avoid over-worn clichés and flimsy, politically-correct arguments.

Be certain to ask the audience to join you in pursuing a solution.