The statement “The sum total of all environmental inter-relationships between an organism and the environment in which it lives,” defines a/an a. Habitat b. Ecosystem c. niche d. community

Discuss a Science Article about Microbial Growth and Metabolism? Remember a science article will have an introduction, material & methods section, conclusion and a summary. Science Articles are peer reviewed and do not include blogs. They are written by scientist working in that area of expertise. Be sure to create your discussion to meet all the grading criteria.


Use the internet to research and describe the four human disorders listed below.  For each disorder listed below, name the organelle that is not functioning properly; state the organelle’s normal function, and the symptoms of the disorder.

  • Zellweger Syndrome
  • Pearson Syndrome
  • PCD Syndrome
  • Gaucher Disease


Topic orphan drug

3 pages, APA format, references include

Defines the term orphan drug( what is it, why we use it). The issue of cost and access are good ones for ethical considerations. Are there any other ethical considerations associated with orphan drugs?Explain why it is a consideration.Has OBI-999 been used in patients? What is the primary treatment currently for pancreatic cancer?More information on current treatment would be nice to see.


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