Three new outbreaks this week

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Location: South America /Africa/ Australia

Investigate the website find new and specific outbreaks that has found its way into the general population.  Your focus will be to record THREE new outbreaks in all various parts of the world- North, South, East, and West regions of the world.Complete the following for each of the three outbreaks:

  • Name the communicable disease.
  • Name the location- City, County, State, Region, Territory and so on.
  • Describe the specifics of the outbreak including causes and symptoms.
  • How many cases have been confirmed and who has been affected?
  • What is being done to prevent the spread of the disease?

Please see attached file for samples.


Health Map Investigation

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Week One: Health Map Investigation

In the first week of our Health Map Investigation, we found a worrying epidemic in Clay County, Missouri, USA. A case of measles has been confirmed by the Clay County Public Health Center. This episode compels us to investigate this outbreak’s causes, symptoms, impacted population, and prevention efforts.

Communicable Disease: Measles

Location: Clay County, Missouri, USA

Outbreak Specifics

Causes and Symptoms

: The highly dangerous measles virus has spread to Liberty, Missouri. The infected person recently tested positive, alarming Clay County Public Health Center. High fever, cough, runny nose, and red, watery eyes are measles symptoms. A distinctive red rash appears three to five days after exposure, making early detection and isolation critical (CDC, 2020).

Confirmed Cases and Affected Population

: The Liberty, Missouri resident had measles. Health officials are already tracing contacts to identify and alert those exposed to the highly contagious virus. The sick person visited Kansas City International Airport on January 4 and North Kansas City Hospital on January 5–6. To monitor and perhaps intervene early, airplane passengers and medical staff in certain places during specific times have been notified (Sloan, 2024).

Preventive Measures

Contact Tracing and Notification

: Health officials use thorough contact tracking. People who may have touched the infected person at the airport or hospital were notified. This proactive method isolates potential instances to stop the spread.

Symptom Monitoring and Public Awareness

: Health officials advise anybody in the identified locations to watch for measles signs until January 27. Watch for high fever, cough, runny nose, and red rash. Public awareness programs are intensifying to ensure that persons possibly exposed are informed and seek medical assistance immediately if symptoms appear (CDC, 2020).

Isolation Protocols

: People with measles symptoms or positive tests are isolated to prevent transmission. This involves healthcare steps to reduce nosocomial spread.

Vaccination Outreach

: In general, health officials stress measles immunization. Measles epidemics are prevented via vaccination, and efforts are undertaken to raise awareness of their availability and importance.


The confirmed measles case in Clay County, Missouri, is being addressed in multiple ways. This includes thorough contact tracking, vigilant symptom monitoring, public awareness campaigns, isolation practices, and increased immunization outreach. The goal is to quickly detect, isolate, and minimize measles to protect the infected individuals and the community.

Healthcare agencies, public health officials, and the community are working together to stop this outbreak. As we advance through the Health Map Investigation, we must remain watchful and adaptable to outbreaks, highlighting the dynamic nature of infectious disease management.

Week Two: Health Map Investigation

Kansas City, Missouri, USA, has a worrying measles exposure in our Health Map Investigation’s second week. Kansas City International Airport (KCI) and North Kansas City Hospital have been warned of potential exposure. Our in-depth research will explain this outbreak’s causes, symptoms, impacted population, and preventative actions.

Communicable Disease: Measles


: Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Outbreak Specifics

Causes and Symptoms

: Kansas City has been plagued with measles. The Clay County Public Health Center reported a Liberty resident at KCI Terminal B on January 4 and North Kansas City Hospital on January 5-6. Measles symptoms include a high fever, cough, runny nose, and a red rash three to five days after exposure (Staff, 2024).

Confirmed Cases and Affected Population

: The person’s movements in KCI and North Kansas City Hospital have prompted thorough contact tracing. Health experts are urging possibly exposed people to monitor symptoms and seek medical assistance immediately. Measles is very contagious, especially in crowded spaces, thus people who were in the mentioned locations during the specified times may have been affected.

Preventive Measures:

Vaccination Status and Risk Assessment

: The health agency emphasizes the importance of the MMR vaccine in preventing measles. MMR-vaccinated people have a reduced risk of acquiring the disease. The importance of high community immunization coverage to prevent measles is highlighted.

Public Awareness and Reporting

: The health department asks anybody at risk or having symptoms to notify immediately to help respond quickly. Call the County Public Health Center at (816) 476-4120 to report measles. For questions concerning potential exposure at North Kansas City Hospital, call the Infection Prevention Department at (816) 691-5153.

Monitoring and Surveillance

: KCI and hospitals are crowded, thus increased monitoring and surveillance are necessary. Health officials are constantly monitoring the situation to identify and notify everyone who may have been near the infected person. This proactive approach seeks to quickly stop transmission.


The Kansas City measles outbreak requires vaccination promotion, public awareness campaigns, contact tracing, and rigorous surveillance. Preventive vaccination emphasizes the need for community-wide immunization programs. The Kansas City outbreak highlights the persistent problems of preventing and managing communicable diseases as infectious diseases evolve. Health authorities, hospitals, and the public must work together to contain and mitigate epidemics, emphasizing the need for a proactive and cohesive public health approach.



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