Topic of controversy: Is obesity a disability?

Content and Overall Impression

-Exceptionally clear, focused, interesting main point

-Rich, strong, supporting evidence, details and examples

-The controversial nature of the topic was effectively conveyed, both sides were discussed objectively

-Personal opinion on the topic showed careful consideration of the evidence and strong critical thinking skills

-The assignment was of superior quality and reflects exceptional effort, style and appearance


-Introduction, body and conclusion are distinct and strong

-The paper flows logically and consistently

-Transitions are clear and promote strong flow

-The instructions are followed well

Writing Style and Conventions

-Language is formal and appropriate, and slang is absent

-Effective use of terminology

-Main message is strongly conveyed

-Sentence structure is strong and varied; no run-on-sentences

-Writing is very engaging to the reader

-No direct quotes are used

-Proper verb tenses are used

-Strong evidence of editing

-Minor mistakes in spelling, mechanics and grammar, if any


-All sources are strong, academic sources
-In APA fromat

-Effective use of in-text citations

-Works cited page, in-text citations are properly formatted

-All researched information is properly documented


Assignment objective:

  • To show that you completely understand the concept of disability
  • To use the theoretical knowledge that you learned in this course about disability to evaluate a controversial topic on disability.


Your task: Your ultimate task is to write a paper where you summarize both sides of the controversy and state your opinion about it.



Disability is a diverse experience and results from the interaction of health conditions, personal factors, and environmental factors. In this research, you will provide some background information on the topic, explain both sides of the argument in detail, and then offer your opinion on the controversy. You may elaborate your answer by using the disability models, or possible human rights violations and supplement your argument by referring to the disabling barriers.