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Global Health infographic Assignment Guidelines and Rubric


  • This assignment aims to enhance your understanding of key global health issues and competencies by creating an informative and visually appealing infographic.

Topic Selection

  • Choose a Global Health Issue: Select a specific global health issue that aligns with the global health determinants. Ensure the issue is complex and multifaceted.

Research and Data Gathering

  • In-Depth Research: Conduct comprehensive research on your chosen global health issue. Gather data, evidence-based information, and epidemiological trends from reputable sources.

Infographic Creation

  • Organize your infographic into the following sections, aligning with the competencies:
    • Analyzing and Prioritizing Global Health Issues
      • Issue Highlight: Provide a concise title or introduction for your chosen global health issue.
      • Data and Trends: Present data, statistics, and trends related to the issue from diverse and credible sources.
      • Rationale: Explain why this issue is a significant health challenge in various populations and regions, considering social, economic, and environmental factors.
    • Evaluating Socioeconomic Impact
      • Visual Representation: Use graphics, charts, or diagrams to illustrate how socioeconomic factors influence health outcomes.
      • Relationship Visualization: Create visual elements that show the interplay between poverty, education, access to healthcare, and disease prevalence.
      • Brief Strategies: Offer brief insights or strategies to address health disparities related to socioeconomic factors.
    • Examining Ethical Implications
      • Ethical Context: Include a dedicated section highlighting the ethical dimensions of your chosen global health issue.
      • Specific Issues: Identify and visually represent specific ethical dilemmas or human rights violations associated with the issue.
      • Ethical Solutions: Suggest interventions or ethical approaches to protect vulnerable populations and ensure ethical healthcare practices.
    • Culturally Sensitive Health Promotion
      • Cultural Sensitivity: Emphasize the importance of cultural sensitivity in health promotion.
      • Cultural Impact: Provide examples or visuals depicting how cultural diversity impacts health outcomes.
      • Age-Appropriate Interventions: Suggest culturally sensitive interventions for different age groups, with a focus on preventive care.
    • Interprofessional Collaboration
      • Visualize Collaboration: Create visuals that represent the concept of interprofessional collaboration in the context of global health.
      • Communication and Coordination: Include elements that emphasize effective communication, coordination, and teamwork among diverse healthcare professionals and stakeholders.
      • Benefits of Diversity: Highlight the benefits of integrating diverse perspectives and expertise in addressing global health challenges.

APA Guidelines

  • Title of the Infographic Assignment
  • Your Name
  • Institutional Affiliation
  • Date
  • In-Text Citations
    • If you use information or data from sources within your infographic, provide in-text citations. Use author-date format. For example: (Smith, 2022) or (World Health Organization, 2020).
  • References List
    • If you refer to sources within your infographic, include a separate reference list. Format it according to APA style. Each source cited in your infographic should have a corresponding full citation in the reference list.
    • Use minimally 3 peer reviewed sources, written within the last 5 years.
  • Fonts and Formatting
    • Ensure your infographic is legible by using a clear and consistent font style and size.
  • Figures and Images
    • If your infographic includes figures, charts, or images from external sources, cite them in the figure caption, and include the full citation in your reference list.
  • Submission Format
    • PowerPoint, PDF, PNG or JPEG

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