Trade and industry Memo

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Memo Requirements All students must submit a simulation memo through the Statecraft online messaging system before each turn ends—your instructor may ask you to focus on strategies for the upcoming turn, or reflect on the actions that just took place. These memos must be at least 300 words in length. Memos that are posted late or are too short will NOT be counted. Your memo will focus on different things, depending on your position in the government. NOTE: If you hold two positions, you do NOT need to write two memos: you can either choose which position to write about each week or you can write a combined memo that involves both positions’ responsibilities.

Director of Science and Industry: Discuss ways to improve your country’s resource production (gold, food, steel, scientific knowledge, and oil), and propose specific structures, research projects, or political capital programs that will help. Also make recommendations about which technologies your country should focus on researching for the upcoming turn.  

Trade Representative: Assess which foreign countries your country should develop (or continue/ discontinue) trade relationships with. Identify specific resources and technologies that your country needs and which other countries are likely to have them. Discuss any general strategies you have devised for maximizing your country’s wealth and technologies through trade.

-You can choose one of the position or combine both in the same memo.

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