Trans to bsn discusison 2

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A personal nursing philosophy can help to inspire and motivate you as well as help to define your purpose as a nurse (Hountras, 2015). To develop your philosophy, you will explore such concepts as your beliefs and values, what type of nurse you desire to be, your beliefs about nursing, and the role of nurses in the health care system (Hountras, 2015).


  • Hountras, S.C. (2015). What guides your nursing practice?. Journal of Christian Nursing, 32(2), 179-181. 

Discussion Prompt

In this week’s discussion, you are formulating your personal philosophy of nursing. You are developing and sharing your ideas before you complete this section of the Professional Identity Assignment.

  • In a short paragraph share your personal philosophy of nursing.
    • State your personal philosophy of nursing.
    • How did your self-concept, values, and ethical principles contribute to the development of this philosophy?
    • Provide 2-3 professional examples that demonstrate your philosophy of nursing in your current practice. Professional examples may include work experiences, past clinical experiences as a nursing student, or an example from a peer-reviewed journal article.
    • Provide rationale for your response with at least one scholarly source using an APA in-text citation and full reference.

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