UA The Elderly People Living in Poverty Poster

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This is part 1 of a 2 part assignment in module 5

a. Vulnerable Population & Health Issue Handout: 

By the end of the 2nd week of the semester, each student will be responsible for identifying a specific vulnerable population of interest to them. Students will then spend the remainder of the semester gathering current information on the selected population from a variety of scholarly sources, in addition to course modules and texts. 

A poster will be prepared that includes the following information for each vulnerable population:

1.  Your name and discipline (nursing, social work, etc.)

2. Name & brief description of your chosen vulnerable population

Who are they? Where are they found? 

Describe size and related trends: demographics, geographic distribution

3.  What makes this group vulnerable?

Present factors such as those covered in class discussions, readings, & media viewings 

4.  What is a priority health problem/issue in impacting this group?

Brief description of health issue

Significance of this problem or issue 

5.  Discussion of how aspects of vulnerability affect or influence the problem or issue

6.  What actions can be taken to reduce vulnerability for this population?

Describe interventions/programming at the provider/client/community levels

7.  References – this is a separate page in addition to your 1-2 page handout

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