UAGC Breast Cancer Case Study

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The case study presented in Chapter 8 highlights how different cultures view disease, prevention, and treatment. As health professionals, we must be cognizant of these beliefs if we wish to make meaningful positive changes.

In your paper,

  • Compare and contrast the different cultures highlighted in the case study.
    • For example, what are differences in health beliefs across the different cultural groups?
  • Discuss one social and one biological determinant that was not addressed in the case study.
    • Support your claim with evidence from at least one scholarly source.
  • Critique the information presented in the case study by addressing the following questions:
    • How did your research findings support and dispute the information presented in the case study? Explain in detail the differences and similarities found.
    • What are possible ethical issues that may have affected the results in the case study?
    • If you were one of the researchers on the team, how would you devise a plan to address these ethical issues?
  • Identify the social and biological determinants of health that likely influenced the results in the case study.
    • Were the determinants of health the same across all the cultural groups in the case study? Why or why not?

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