UCI Imitation of Life Analysis Final Project

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Papers should develop an argument and support that argument through sustained analysis of the primary documents. The questions posed below should help guide you towards your analysis. You do not need to answer all the questions. They are included to help point you towards your argument.

The goal of the final paper is to demonstrate your ability to analyze historical documents in relationship to the period of film history that we are discussing in this course. The paper should be between 1000 to 1500 words. Be sure to indicate which prompt you are responding to!

ResearchProjectYou will complete a research project that considers how a film was marketed and/or reviewed in different contexts. . The final project will consist of two parts:•Primary Sources: The is to demonstrate that you know how to identify and locate primary (as opposed to secondary) sources. You will submit a list of works cited using MLA style. Your works cited must entirely of primary sources and must include at least ten entries. You must consist of access to UCI library material using the library’s VPN in order to complete this assignment.You will submit images of your primary sources with the bibliography.•Final Project: The goal of the final project is to demonstrate that you can analyze historical documents. You will submit a paper that analyzes primary documents in response to the paper prompt.


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