UF Return of The King Episode Depicted Historical Figure Questions

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Please answer each of the following questions.  Number your answers. 

  1. According to lecture materials, what are the three techniques television storytellers use to establish a bond between audience and character?  These techniques are used to establish a bond between the audience and the main characters of SIX FEET UNDER and FLEABAG Series 2.  Provide examples of each bonding technique for each member of the Fisher family in SIX FEET UNDER (Nate, David, Ruth and Claire). Provide examples of each bonding technique for the main characters of FLEABAG (Fleabag, Claire and the Priest).  Did these bonding techniques work for you personally?  Do you feel personally connected to any of these characters?  Why or why not?  
  2. What are some examples of racism from the INSECURE episode “Racist as Fuck?” What tactics do the characters who experience racism use to cope with or overcome the obstacle of racism? 
  3. Compare and contrast Catherine (Denise’s Mom) on MASTER OF NONE’S “Thanksgiving” with Penelope Alvarez on ONE DAY AT A TIME’S “Outside.” In what ways are these characters similar in their characterization and tactics?  In what ways are these characters different in their characterization or tactics?        
  4. What historical figure is depicted in THE BOONDOCKS episode “Return of the King?”  What is this person known for and how does the episode challenge what you know about this icon?  Why do you think the writers chose to depict this historical figure in this fashion?  Were you offended by the depiction?  Why or why not?  
  5. According to lecture materials and assigned readings, what are the five moments or sections in the “Departure” or “Ordinary World” portion of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey?  Assuming Bear’s story in the “F*cking Rez Dogs” episode of RESERVATION DOGS adheres to this structure, identify and discuss each of the five moments of Bear’s departure from his ordinary world.  Use specific examples from lecture materials, readings and the episode to support your claims.  

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