unintentional physical injuries.

According to World Health Organization ,greater than three million children die from environmentalrelated issue such as polluted air, contaminated water, lack of sanitation, disease vector and degraded ecosystem. In developing countries, environmental hazards and pollution are a major contributor to childhood deaths, illnesses and disability from acute respiratory disease, diarrhoeal diseases, physical injuries, poisonings, insect-borne diseases and perinatal infections. Childhood death and illness from causes such as poverty and malnutrition are also associated with unsustainable patterns of development. Major environmental cause of death in children under the age includes diarrhea, indoor pollution, malaria and unintentional physical injuries.

As a person that was born and raised in the third world country ,Philippines, I have witnessed the severity of the cause and effect of poverty in children’s health. I have seen children playing in the dirty swap where feces, mosquitoes and waste are dumped. As a result, most of these children ends up in the hospital or gets sick and stays home. The children that can’t afford to go the hospital would rather see an “albularyo” which is a quack doctor that helps heal sick people.