Unit 4 dq

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Topic: Contraceptive Counseling

You must post your initial response to the Discussion topic before reviewing your classmate’s responses. 

Contraceptive counseling provides education, dispels misinformation, facilitates selection of a method that will be successful for the individual, and encourages patient involvement in healthcare decisions and life goals. Discussing contraception brings the nurse practitioner and patient together to create a tailored plan that meets the individual’s reproductive needs over a lifetime.

Discuss any clinical encounters that you may have had relating to contraception. How did you counsel patients on their choices and possible risks?

Encounter examples-

woman came in wanting her Nexplanon removed due to increased bleeding. She had uncontrolled HTN. After discussing other options she decided to keep Nexplanon bc her only options would be progesterone only which would carry the same possible side effect of bleeding. She was encouraged to see her PCP to get BP under control and then return to discuss options including estrogen.

Woman came in reporting headaches since beginning contraceptives. She was prescribed a high dose estrogen/progest pill. After discussing options we lowered the dosage and will trial for 3 months then re-evaluate.

You can add to these as/if needed.


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