Unit 5 responses

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 In response to your peers, identify the barriers that may be contributing to the identified problems and suggest strategies to alleviate the barriers. 

1.For my first problem in living that I chose was poverty. I chose this because it is a human needs to me because some people will steal for food and other essentials. Even certain medicine that people can not live without can cost a arm and leg. This also could lead to someone that is in poverty to do something like take the medicine from the store these are human needs.

The second problem that I chose is going to be homelessness. To me I beleive that homelessness would fall under situational because things could happen (like losing your job) that can lead to you becomig homeless. Someone could also be going through this for different problems such as medical reasons and health. You may not be able to work no more do to a health problem and it just takes for ever sometimes to be able to get on some kind of other income like disability, again this is situational and can lead to homelessness. 

2. One problem that human beings face is health insurance. I would classify that as a human need, because we all have the need for insurance. It’s a basic human right, yet it’s so hard to obtain, and is way too expensive to pay for. So, technically, I guess it could be a social change to. A way to help alleviate this is making health insurance more easily accessible to ALL Americans, not just upper class. Another problem, I would classify as situational, is homebuying. Some people it can come easy and quick to buy a house. But, if you have poor credit or non-existent credit, you’re fighting tooth and nail to get a loan approved and find the funding for a down payment. A way to help alleviate this problem would be to make something similar to a FHA loan for new homeowners. Housing is expensive, especially if you have to rent, but when you get to wanting to buy a house, you can’t afford to pay anything down because rentals cost more than a typical mortage does


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