University of California Irvine Derek Jarmans Blue Critical Film Essay

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Description and Rationale:

In this assignment, you will write a critical essay about the film Blue (Derek Jarman, 1993). According to Timothy Corrigan:

“The writer of this kind of essay presumes that his or her reader has seen or is at least familiar with the film under discussion, although that reader may not have thought extensively about it. This writer might therefore remind the reader of key themes and elements of the plot, but a lengthy retelling of the story of the film is neither needed nor acceptable.” (Corrigan 2014, 27)

Your target audience is the reader of an arts and culture magazine (think New Yorker, for example). Alternatively, you can think of your reader as the Art / Film and Media student body at UCI. You will build bridges between the film and the larger social world. This means that the audience has an interest, might have heard about or even seen the film, but has no extensive knowledge of it. In the essay, you will have the following goals:

(1) to explain the political and cultural importance of Jarman’s film in the context in which it was made

(2) to highlight the film’s original and unusual aesthetic strategies

You will help the reader gain knowledge about the film and enrich their viewing experience. This format is not a theoretical academic essay, so always prioritize direct expression and your own voice. You will avoid quotes, but will use information from our readings.

Formatting: Times New Roman. 12 pt. Double Space.

Length: 1000 words

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