University of California Plastic Representation of Minority Groups Discussion

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Be sure to address the prompt fully and utilize specific reference to lecture, reading, and screening materials within the class (or outside) as asked by the prompt.

In reference to our recent lectures and at least ONE screening from this week on the lecture page or in class discussion, what is “plastic representation” and why is it problematic? Additionally, draw upon the shows we have watched this quarter and identify TWO other TV shows in TV history that have “plastic representations” or what you identify as problematic representations and elaborate on what is so problematic about their portrayals of characters in relation to race, class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, etc.

Lastly, offer your thoughts on this question: What do you want to see in terms of representation on TV (especially in relation to yourself and your own identity) and do you see that representation in anything you watch today (film included)?

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