University of Conneticut Psychology Paper

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Research an issue about computing and society that you are initially undecided about. In your paper, you will take a position on that issue and support that position.

For your proposal, (~1-2 pages)

  1. Identify the issue you have chosen,
  2. Explain why you are interested in the issue,
  3. Explain why you are undecided about the issue, and
  4. Identify a few initial information sources you will examine to begin to research the issue. List at least three refereed sources–either journal articles or conference papers.

Make sure to pick a topic that others have written about. You are being graded on how well you research the issue and cite the literature about it. If there’s little to cite, you will have trouble with this assignment.

A refereed source is something that has gone through peer review–like a journal article or most conference papers. Books and jouralistic articles do not count. For each reference you provide, please provide the full, correct reference in APA format in your bibliography, and include the URL where it can be found, if it is available online.

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