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Robert F. Williams’ Negroes with Guns

Robert F. Williams (1925-1996) was a pioneer activist in behalf not just of African American freedom and civil rights, but indeed human rights throughout the worldHe was controversial because of his promotion of what he termed the “armed self-defense” of minority communities, particularly black communities in the American South in the post-WWII era, places like his hometown of Monroe, North CarolinaYour task in this assignment is to read Williams’ 1962 pamphlet, Negroes with Guns, including the Foreword and Introduction, and then write a 2-page essay (500 to 750 words) that addresses the following questions.

1) After reading the Foreword and Introduction, explain who Robert F. Williams wasFor example, what did he do with his life that makes him the subject of historians and other academics and political activistsWhat does he contribute to your understanding of American history?

2) After reading the main document by Williams himself, explain what you understand to be his position on “armed self-defense,” and on non-violent political activismDo you agree or disagree with his positionsExplain in detail, employing brief quotes from the text to help in elaborating your answer hereNo footnotes are necessary for quotations, a simple page number in parentheses will suffice, i.e. (22).

3) Do you find any parts of Williams’ argument to be relevant today in the United StatesWould you recommend that people in minority communities read his pamphletWhy or why not?

I will post the Robert Williams pdf book please read it and then do the eas

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