UNV103 All Weeks Discussions (October 2019)

UNV 103 University Success

Week 1 Discussion

DQ1 What university or instructor resources would be helpful for you to be a successful student at GCU? Explain how they will be effective, be specific.

DQ2 Take a moment to think about time management. How does procrastination affect your time management? Read the article, “Crux of Time Management for Students,” paying attention to the section on procrastination (pages 79-81), what plans do you have to be proactive in completing work and meeting deadlines?


Resource citation:

Bast, F. (2016).Crux of time management for students. Resonance: Journal of Science Education, 2016(1), 71-88.doi: 10.1007/s12045-016-0296-6

UNV 103 University Success

Week 2 Discussion

DQ1 After reviewing the “Topic 2 Resource” document located in Topic Materials, explain the following:

The relationship between the topic objectives, the assignment, and the rubric. How is each component important to completing an assignment?

What are some strategies you have learned from the readings and in this course so far, that will help you complete your assignments, both accurately and efficiently?

DQ2 What is Title IX and how does it support you as a student?

UNV 103 University Success

Week 3 Discussion

DQ1 Do you know offers free tutoring for online students? Use the following link (https://students.gcu.edu/student-resources/institutional-effectiveness/gcu-learning-lounge.php ) to describe the benefits of the Learning Lounge and the definition of a LEAD.

List three ways a LEAD can help you with your assignments, and describe one in detail.

What additional resources did you find within the Learning Lounge to help you in your academic journey here at GCU?

DQ2 The “Time Management and Study Skills” essay in Chapter 4 of your eBook discusses various tips to help you manage and organize your time better and put the most effort into your studying.

Which of these have you had the most problems with in the past, and how do you intend to address these?

UNV 103 University Success

Week 4 Discussion

DQ1 Academic relationships are critical to your success at GCU. These relationships include faculty members, student service counselors, and student engagement. After reviewing the week’s resources, how would these relationships be important to your success? Please provide specific examples of relationships you plan to develop and why.

DQ2 Support groups are especially important when transitioning into the higher education environment. What support system(s) do you currently have in place? What support groups are available to you at home/community? If you currently do not have a support system(s) or group(s), how will you create a support group that best reflects you, and your academic and personal wellness support needs?

UNV 103 University Success

Week 5 Discussion

DQ1 After reading Chapter 6 in the textbook. What is scholarly research? What has been your previous experience using scholarly research? Why is it important to use in an academic setting?

DQ2 The General Education Competencies are derived from the Mission, and are designed to be a guide of general education skills students should gain while attending GCU.

Review the attached General Education Competency list located in Topic Materials. Choose which competencies you think relate best to the Mission. How will these competencies lead to your success as a student and beyond?

UNV 103 University Success

Week 6 Discussion

DQ1 What happens if you do not pass a class? What are your financial responsibilities when you drop a class or fail a class? What do you have as a backup plan?

DQ2 Please read the article “Make a Plan to Manage Personal Finances” by Michael Scheibach found in the Course Materials. This article lists 10 money saving strategies. Choose three of these strategies and discuss how they will help your personal budget? What additional tips or budgeting strategies do you use that were not mentioned in this article?


UNV 103 University Success

Week 7 Discussion

DQ1 Take a moment to reflect on your current program of study. Identify the knowledge and skills you believe you will gain that will apply to your career goals. How will you present these knowledge and skills to an employer?

DQ2 Critical thinking involves self-reflection. You are not the same person who began this course 7 weeks ago; you have learned and grown during this course. Please reflect on the following:

What things have worked best for you as a student in this course?

What things did not go as well as you had hoped? What can you do differently in your next course to ensure your educational success? Please provide specific examples.