UofM Intro to Anthropology Anthropology Essay

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For this discussion, I would like you to focus on Chapters 10 and 11 from Guest.  Choose only ONE of the following prompts for your response.

1) How is the development of an industrial and highly stratified economy related to the history of colonialism?  And, why is this important for anthropologists to know and study?


2) Look at the evidence Guest offers for how class and inequality is constructed in the US (p. 273 to 277) and discuss them using the terms “culture of poverty” and “poverty as a structural problem” p. 280-282.  Based on the evidence offered in Guest, which is the more relevant term?  Explain your response.


3) Gillian Tett argues that the financial crash of 2008 arose in part because of a what Bourdieu calls “social silence”.  Social silence refers to the things that are not said because they are taboo, taken for granted, considered impolite, ignored, or hidden.  What was the “social silence” around the practices of the credit industry and how did it contribute to the financial crash, according to Tett?  Does she argue this was a conspiracy?  Explain your response.

Reading link:        https://drive.google.com/file/d/17MlSKbrH0pHNwcLpz…

The “RNA World” is an alternative hypothesis to the orgin of life. Do some research and determine how deep sea hydrothermal vents provide support to the RNA World Theory.


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