UOPX Effects of Intergenerational Trauma on Family Dynamics & Maternal Transmission PPT

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  Complete Parts 1 and 2 below.

Part 1: Poster Presentation

Create a tri-fold poster presentation (single Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide that could be printed as a true poster for a conference – see examples above) to describe your research study proposal. Include the following:

Statement of the problem: Introduce the reader to the problem to be studied. Provide sufficient background information so the reader has a grasp of the situation.

Review of literature: Provide the reader with a summary of salient literature, beginning with general information and narrowing the focus to the specific issues under consideration in the study.

Purpose of the study: Explain why the study you are proposing is needed.

Hypotheses research questions: List these as simple statements. Make sure they are measurable.

Definition of terms: Operationally define terms the average reader may not know or that have a specific meaning in your study.

Assumptions: Identify issues you assume to be true for your study to be valid.

Research methods and procedures:

oPopulation: Describe the population being studied. (Refer to your Week 6 Needs Assessment paper.)

oProcedure: Explain how the study will be carried out. (Refer to your Week 7 Program Evaluation paper.)

oInstruments: Describe the specific measurements you will use to test each hypothesis (Refer to your Week 7 Program Evaluation paper.)

oData analysis: Describe the procedures you intend to use to analyze the data produced from your instruments, as well as how these would answer the hypotheses. (Refer to your Week 7 Program Evaluation paper.)

Results: Because you are only proposing and not conducting a research study, you will not have results. In this section, describe potential outcomes of your study:

oReview your hypotheses and discuss potential outcomes. For example, if the results allow you to reject the null hypothesis, what are the implications? If the results compel you to accept the null hypothesis, what does that mean?

oExplain the implications of your proposed study to the field of counseling.

oDescribe the limitations of your study.

oDescribe future research ideas and directions.

Include at least 10 scholarly references in your presentation (you may use sources from your Week 4 Annotated Bibliography).

Part 2: Recorded Presentation

Record a 5- to 7-minute video in which you explain each topic of your proposal. 


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