UP Health & Medical Complementary and Alternative Medicine Essay

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  • There is more to CAM than many think, and it actually works in conjunction with conventional medicine more than is widely acknowledged. There are CAM therapies available for ailments that many believe only conventional medicine can heal.
    Write a paper that describes an overview of CAM and its categories of treatments. Ensure you:Compare and contrast current conventional medicine regulations and oversights with regulation and oversight of alternative medicine in the United States.
  • Define the terms alternative, complementary, and integrative in relation to medicine and discuss how these terms differ from one another.
  • Describe how conventional medicine plays a role in alternative, complementary, and integrative medicine.
  • Discuss the philosophy of CAM and how it is similar to or different from the approach of conventional Western medicine.
  • Select one CAM therapy from among the alternative medicine approaches and describe how it can be used to treat a medical condition you choose. Include discussion of how your chosen therapy can be used as an alternative, a complementary, or an integrative therapy for that specific medical condition.
  • Include the results of at least one scientific study that show a clinical benefit from the therapy you selected. 

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