UP Psychology Microsoft Companys Ethical Dilemma Discussion

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Respond to the following in a minimum:

Describe two problems and one consequence. From the Microsoft case below. Outline the ethical dilemma in your own words

Microsoft’s Standard of Business Conduct Microsoft had a 57-page Standard of Business Conduct on its website that was available to employees and the public.32 One of the main aims of its internal guidelines was to prevent issues from moving beyond internal hotlines and being taken up by the SEC or other government agencies. The company wanted its employees to rely on internal reporting options rather than become whistle-blowers. The company’s Standard of Business Conduct lists five different ways an employee could report a dubious practice: email, phone (which includes an international collect number), the web, fax, and mail to the Office of Legal Compliance. Description Figure 10.6 Number of SEC Bribery Cases and the Dollar Amount of Fines Enforced Source: Securities and Exchange Commission Note: SEC = U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The code begins with a letter from CEO Satya Nadella, in which he declares, “You should never compromise your personal integrity or the company’s reputation and trust in exchange for any short-term gain.” It calls on employees, when faced with a difficult decision or situation, to “pause,” “think,” and “ask.” The employee should talk to the Office of Legal Compliance, Finance, or Human Relations and get help. The code encourages employees to “speak up” when something is “not right” so that the company can address the problem. It assures employees that the company has “no tolerance for retaliation.” It tells managers to take employee concerns seriously. The code explicitly states that employees should not make “improper payments.” It states, “In some parts of the world, paying a bribe to get business may be something that others are doing. We won’t. We would rather lose the business than secure it through a bribe, kickback, or other improper benefit.” The code prohibits “hidden terms or arrangements” when doing business abroad and advocates relying only on partners with “a reputation for integrity.” Yet the code also allows “reasonable” gifts, hospitality, or travel to government officials or customers. When necessary, the code states, these types of payments may require preapproval. Microsoft promises to follow the laws and customs of the countries in which it operates. However, it does not plainly indicate what the employee should do when the la and customs of the countries where it operates differ from U.S. laws and customs. Has Microsoft done enough to address the problems of bribery, corruption, and other unsavory business practices in emerging markets? What issue does it confront, what facts are relevant, what options does it have, and what are the possible consequences of those actions? To what principles should it adhere? What should it do in the short term, how can it build toward a long-term solution, and what lessons can it learn? In addressing these questions, carefully consider the lessons from Chapter 6 on ethics programs and building ethical organizations. In the long term, what must the company do to effectively prevent and handle systemic issues such as bribery?


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