UPS actively pursues sustainability, discussion help

Answer these questions



1.  How does UPS’s approach toward sustainability impact the triple bottom line? Be specific.

2. Which internal and external stakeholders are positively and negatively affected by UPS’s approach to sustainability?

3. Which of the six general environmental forces influenced Mr. Kuehn’s approach toward sustainability? Discuss.

4. To what extent is UPS’s approach toward sustain- ability consistent with the four approaches to deciding ethical dilemmas?

5. Evaluate UPS’s approach toward sustainability against Carroll’s model of social responsibility shown in Figure 3.2.

6. How does UPS’s approach toward sustainability “pay off”? Discuss.

·  550 words with conclusion and use level header for each question.

·  3 sources and use APA format for the citation

·  Do not use it or if.

·  The figure 3.2. in the second page of file.


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