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  • You are to choose ONE question from part A and ONE question from part B to answer.
  • Your answers should be in complete sentences and be between two to three paragraphs.
  • You may only use information provided to you from your textbook or a reading in the module.
  • Please use proper citation, and upload the document as a Microsoft Word attachment.

Plagiarism policy: In the case of plagiarism, there will be no rewrites. At a minimum, you will receive a “0” for the assignment and a referral to the Dean.

Please refer to the Short Answer Questions Rubric to understand how you may earn full credit for this assignment.

Part A:

  1. Read both “Evacuation was a mistake: Anger at being Interred,” and “Milton Eisenhower Justifies the Internment of Japanese Americans.” For the first article, please answer the following:
    • Who was the author of the document? Provide a short biography of the author (be sure to provide a citation for the source used). See the citation guide embedded in the Course Content Browser for examples.
    • What evidence in the document helps you know why it was written? Quote from the document.
    • What three things are found in the document which tells you about life in the United States at the time it was written? Quote from the document.

    Next, compare the two articles and what you have read about Japanese internment. Was Milton Eisenhower correct in his conclusion? Explain your answer.

  2. The author, Eric Johnson, makes several points in his speech, “A Damaging Impression of Hollywood has Spread.” In your own words, please explain what those points are and a brief summary of them. Why did this speech need to be made in front of HUAC? Do you feel the point was made to the members? Why or why not?
  3. After watching the video, “The decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,” what are the reasons given for dropping the two bombs? Which one(s) do you believe were the real ones and why?

Part B:

  1. Franklin Roosevelt once said that being an American has always been a “matter of mind and heart” and “never…a matter of race or ancestry.” How true is this statement? Include in your answer a discussion of African Americans and immigrants, including Asians and new immigrants.
  2. Evaluate President Truman’s domestic policies. Which parts reflected the New Deal? Why was it so difficult to implement? How did it expand freedom for Americans? How did it restrict freedom?
  3. What was the policy of containment? How did the United States enact this policy? Do you think it achieved the desired results? Explain your answer.

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