ghirardelli chocolate ralph lauren hollister project company

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Choose on of the companies Ghirardelli chocolate, Ralph Lauren, Hollister to do a project on.

Go to the company’s web site. See if they sell their product in other countries/parts of the world. If not, report that (but if I go to their site and find different, you’ll have to redo the project). The write up for this portion would be something like ‘Mondelez operates on 6 of the 7 continents’.

Next, check out some of the regions they operate and see if they are selling essentially the same products, or if they are selling different products/brands. Briefly – 1 or 2 paragraphs – tell me about it. In class I looked up Mondelez and went into Austria. You might report that ‘While I can find many of the brands sold in the U.S. in their foreign markets, many of the brands Mondelez sells in Europe are different. As an example is xyz, which is a Norwegian chocolate’. Report on a few of the differences. For Mondelez I might look at the brands in Europe and in Asia and report on that. You don’t have to tell me every different brand/product they sell, just give a few examples.

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