criminal justice reading assignment 2

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Deliverable Length:2 – 3 pages, Times New Roman 12pt font. APA format and include a reference page.

Essay Questions:

  • Identify the four levels of measurement and give examples of each.
  • Explain the threat to validity.Cover the following threats:face, content, criterion – related, and construct.
  • Discuss the measures used to insure reliability:test – retest method, inter-rater, and split – half method.
  • Compare and contrast UCR and NCVS with respect to the type of crime data they collect and how they collect it.Identify strengths and weaknesses of each.
  • Identify the major efforts to gather information about drug abuse in the United States.How do these measures compare with one another?What are the strengths and weaknesses of each?
  • Discuss the validity and reliability of self – report measures.
  • Discuss the improvements that have been made to UCR through the NIBRS and the Redesigned NCVS.Predict whether these changes will make a major difference in our understanding of crime in America.

This comes from chapter 5 and 6 of the textbook which I will upload

Please use the textbook on the reference page.

Maxfield, Michael G. and Earl Babbie 2005.Research Methods for Criminal Justice and Criminology.Sixth ed. (required)

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